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Let us introduce ourselves

Dan ForsterDan Forster
General Manager
Principal Dam Safety Engineer

Dan has 18 years' experience working with dams and dam owners in New Zealand, Australia and North America. He has expertise in dam safety programmes and management systems, dam safety reviews, surveillance, emergency preparedness and training and has worked on a number of major dam rehabilitations. Dan was a contributing author of the 2015 New Zealand Dam Safety Guidelines and is Vice-Chair of the NZ Society on Large Dams (NZSOLD).

Tim LoganTim Logan
Principal Dam Safety Analyst

Tim has over 35 years' experience with performance assessments and geotechnical investigations for dams and other major engineering projects. At Dam Safety Intelligence, Tim is primarily responsible for conducting dam safety reviews, dam surveillance, training and investigation of anomalies where his background in instrumentation, geophysics and high-resolution temperature sensing provide some unique perspectives and solutions. Tim also has specialist expertise in vibration impact assessment and the evaluation of soil and backfill thermal resistivity for installation of underground HV power cables.

Alastair WalkerAlastair Walker
Principal Dam Safety Engineer

Alastair is a UK Chartered Civil Engineer. He moved to New Zealand in 2014 after over 25 years working in the UK and Australian water industries. Alastair has worked for two global consultancies providing dam safety, as well as municipal water engineering advice. He was a Supervising Engineer appointed under the UK Reservoirs Act between 2003 and 2013. He has delivered several dam upgrade design works in the interest of safety including two spillways, crest raising, leakage and mineral investigations, as well as wave wall designs. He supervised construction of several of these projects, as well as providing site support for Kingairloch hydro scheme in 2003. This was the first Scottish and Southern Energy hydro scheme to be constructed since 1963. He has also worked at NZ dam owner Mercury in the civil and dam safety team.

Effjay JavedEffjay Javed
Principal Dam Safety Engineer

Effjay has 22 years’ experience in the dam industry and has worked on all aspects of dams engineering and dam safety. His dam engineering experience includes site selection for new dams, planning of geotechnical investigations, design of embankment and gravity dams, seismic assessment, dam instrumentation, design of dam upgrade works, preparation of tender documents including work specifications. During the 1990s he was responsible for construction quality control on a number of large earth and rockfill dams as well as a concrete gravity dam. In dam safety Effjay has carried out detailed inspection of over 100 embankment and concrete dams in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Mozambique and Pakistan. Effjay uses failure modes and effects analysis to identify critical project uncertainties for geotechnical and dam safety risk assessment. He has expertise in dam safety programmes, dam safety reviews, surveillance, emergency preparedness and training. 

Rebecca PolvereRebecca Polvere
Senior Dam Safety Engineer

Rebecca has over 17 years of experience in dam safety, dam surveillance and civil engineering. Rebecca is an experienced Senior Dam Safety Engineer, operating at a senior level delivering a range of complex projects. Experience includes undertaking ongoing surveillance monitoring, asset inspection, reporting and project delivery, having worked as a consultant, asset owner and an independent contractor. She worked for a large dam owner in Canada, BC Hydro, as a Senior Dam Safety Engineer where the application of dam safety management and risk management practices were required. She also has experience with regional and local government supporting project delivery and relationship management. 

Sophie WilkinsonSophie Wilkinson
Dam Safety Analyst

Sophie joins DSI with a Masters in Geology from Victoria University. Her role as a Dam Safety Analyst combines her passion for geology and geotechnics and she is keen to apply her skills to the ongoing monitoring and dam safety assessments of DSI clients’ dams.

Peter FoxPeter Fox
Dam Safety Engineer

Peter is a Natural Resources Engineer with 2 years' experience in Dam Safety. Peter joined Dam Safety Intelligence at the beginning of 2018 and has past experience in Geotechnical Drilling and Flood Protection/ River Engineering. Peter has experience in dam monitoring and surveillance, dam safety reviews and dam safety training. 

Harry AtkinsonHarry Atkinson
Dam Safety Analyst

Harry completed his Bachelor of Applied Physics at Victoria University 2017 and joined Dam Safety Intelligence in Jan 2019. His role as a Dam Safety Analyst combines his passion for data analytics, problem solving and investigative research. Harry is involved with dam safety reviews, dam monitoring and surveillance. 

Grant OBrienGrant O'Brien
Dam Safety Analyst

Grant joins DSI after spending the last five years conducting geological and geophysical assessments of Zealandia and Antarctica utilizing marine, airborne and land-based platforms. He has expertise in developing software for automation, GIS program extensions, 3D geological & numerical modelling and relational databases. During previous research he extensively investigated and characterised the landslide groundwater systems and seismic hazards surrounding Clyde Dam and throughout Cromwell Gorge, advancing the understanding of the mechanisms enabling hydraulic change. Grant also contributes to DSI his experience with installing and maintaining instrumentation, electronics and programming. Grant is heavily involved in dam safety reviews, surveillance and monitoring. 

Hanna AungHanna Aung
Dam Safety Analyst

Hanna completed her Bachelor of Science, majoring in Earth Science and Statistics, at the University of Auckland in 2018. She has since spent time at GNS Science doing live geohazards monitoring, and building her understanding of New Zealand’s geological nature. Hanna is involved with dam safety surveillance and assessments. 

Simon BarronSimon Barron
Dam Safety Engineer

Simon joins DSI after spending 10 years working in the oil & gas industry, specialising in subsea equipment installation and commissioning. His career experience has taken him around the world to Australia, UK, China and South East Asia working on large Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning (EPIC) projects. He has skills in project engineering, project management, offshore implementation and many technical aspects including Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) development and design of bespoke mechanical systems and procedures for subsea installation of challenging equipment. His varied experience combined with his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Canterbury bring a unique perspective to the team and strengthens DSI’s expertise in mechanical systems that fulfil dam and reservoir safety functions. 

Victor FragaVictor Fraga
Business Manager

Victor completed his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Business Management and Marketing, at the University of Mount Olive in 2015; and an additional New Zealand Diploma in Engineering, focused on Water Systems Management from the Wellington Institute of Technology, in 2018. He is a Business Manager with experience in process streamline enhancements and strategy development aimed at increasing efficiency throughout different stages of a project lifecycle. Victor has worked in Brazil, the United States and New Zealand for engineering companies in the structural assessment consultancy sector, global supply chain management sector, and the public transportation sector. He joined DSI in September 2019 after working as a Traffic Engineer at the local government level.